Delegation Delivers For Bridgeport

June 16, 2017

These projects will go a long way to continue improving our municipal financial standing and making Bridgeport an entertainment destination. I am proud to work with a dedicated and cohesive delegation and am looking forward to seeing the progress we have made for our vibrant city.

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Mixed Martial Arts Bill Passes Senate

June 7, 2017

I couldn't be more pleased with this culmination of many hours of hard work. Bridgeport’s economy will most definitely be enhanced by events that will be enabled through this legislation.

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Bridgeport To Become Leader In Renewable Energy

June 6, 2017

Legislation that will pave the way for Bridgeport to become a national model for the reuse of waste heat passed out of the House of Representatives Tuesday in a 100-51 vote. House Bill 6304 seeks to establish a pilot program in Bridgeport to test-drive thermal district heating technology.

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Addressing Opioid Addiction

May 31, 2017

House Bill 7052, a far-ranging bill which continues efforts to address opioid addiction, has passed the House.

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