Ezequiel Santiago was born in Camden, New Jersey and raised in the south end of Bridgeport. He began his political career as a volunteer on his father Americo Santiago’s political campaigns for State Representative and Secretary of State, and assisting his step father, Mitch Robles with many local campaigns. His first election was for City Council for the 130th district representing the south end, lower eastside, hollow, and the downtown area and then followed by Town Committee Member of the 130th.

He is currently Assistant Majority Whip, Vice-Chair of the Appropriations Committee, and serves on the Planning and Development Committee.

Ezequiel is a graduate of Gibbs College with a Certificate in Computer Technical Support. He worked four years as an Assistant Teacher for Head Start at Action for Bridgeport Community Development in Bridgeport, five years as a Computer Technical Support Representative for On Line Marketing supporting web hosting and email services, and two years as a Constituent Representative for the City of Bridgeport in the Fabrizi Administration. He is currently a City Stat Analyst for the City of Bridgeport. Ezequiel is a member of the Puerto Rican Day Directors.

As a City Councilman, Ezequiel served on the School Buildings, Education and Social Services, Economic Development and Environment, and Misc. Matters Committees. During his tenure as Councilman, he helped secure Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for the YMCA, South End Committee Center, and the Sheehan Center. Ezequiel addressed public safety issues working to close roads for walkers to Roosevelt School, removing No Parking signs for Seaside Village, and assisted in securing handicap designations in front of private residences.