Porter applauds governor's signing of House Bill 5764

July 7, 2017

State Rep. Robyn Porter praised Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s signing of legislation that will promote economic stability and decrease recidivism. House Bill 5764, “An Act Concerning the Licensing of Barbers and Hairdressers,” will exempt Connecticut residents seeking to become barbers or hairdressers in Connecticut from submitting criminal history data as a prerequisite to licensure.

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Legislation expanding workplace protections for pregnant women signed into law

July 6, 2017

Connecticut reached an important milestone when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed into law legislation that expands employment protections for pregnant women.

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Porter leads passage of H.B. 6668

May 23, 2017

State Reps. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, and Liz Linehan, D-Cheshire, led passage of House Bill 6668, which would amend Connecticut statute to strengthen current protections for pregnant women.

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Legislators push to establish meaningful accountability for police officers

May 16, 2017

After recent high-profile incidents in Connecticut, lawmakers are voicing their support for House Bill 6663, which aims to establish meaningful accountability for police officers who use excessive force. The bill, which state Rep. Robyn Porter introduced and sponsored, would require police departments to complete an investigation within a 15-day period. If the state's Division of Criminal Justice determines the officer used excessive force, the officer would also be placed on unpaid leave.

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