Hamden delegation secures $856,000 in supplemental car tax reimbursement money

April 12, 2018

Hamden is set to receive $856,025 in supplemental car tax reimbursement money after the Hamden delegation secured the release of the funds from the state Office of Policy and Management.

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Volume 2 of the Porter Post: Creating economic security for women and families

April 10, 2018

Connecticut’s ability to thrive is dependent upon the state of our working families, the state of our economy and the state of our communities. This starts with workers making a livable wage, establishing an earned family and medical leave system and ensuring that women receive equal pay for equal work.

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Lawmakers advocate for the fair treatment of incarcerated women

March 29, 2018

Lawmakers advocated for the passage of Senate Bill 13 which would prevent the state from shackling incarcerated women during pregnancy or labor and would require incarcerated women to be provided with sufficient menstrual supplies.

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Legislature's approval of contract amendment will raise wages for personal care attendants

March 23, 2018

State Rep. Robyn Porter applauded the legislature's passage of a contract amendment that will raise wages, provide workers' compensation and increase funding for training and orientation programs for approximately 8,500 personal care attendants.

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