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May 4, 2016
Meet the Leaders
State Representative Bruce Morris of Norwalk says the budget hits cities like Norwalk hard. He also hopes the Fair Chance Employment Bill moves forward for convicted felons who’ve turned their lives around, giving them a fair chance at employment. Watch the Video

February 3, 2016
Meet the Leaders
Representative Bruce Morris says he is not sure where the state can cut $570 million dollars in spending as the Governor is proposing. He says the state is making economic progress and we must continue to invest in tech education among other things. Watch the Video

November 7, 2015
Meet the Leaders
CT NAACP Convention – CT State Representative Bruce Morris stops by the set of Meet the Leaders at the NAACP 50th annual convention to talk about the progress that has been made and the work that still needs to be done. Watch the Video

October 22, 2015
Meet the Leaders
Representative Bruce V. Morris joins David Smith on this edition of Meet the Leaders to talk about the second chance bill, excessive police force and more. Watch the Video

May 6, 2015
Meet the Leaders
State Representative and Deputy Majority Leader Bruce Morris says Norwalk’s economic growth will benefit all the city’s residents because of the connections being made between the community and developers of projects like the Mall to be built adjacent to Interstate 95. Watch the Video

May 1, 2015
Out-of-State Lenders

February 20, 2015
Black History Day at the Capitol

January 30, 2015
Meet the Leaders
What impact does the Black and Latino caucus have on policies being made in Hartford Representative Bruce Morris shares his views on this issue and many others. Watch the Video

January 7, 2015
Opening Day of the CT General Assembly 2015 Legislative Session

May 22, 2014
Meet The Leaders
Last Days of the Legislative Session

May 22, 2014
15th Anniversary of Connecticut-Taiwan Sister State Relations

May 22, 2014
Nursing Home Transparency Bill