Lesser Sponsors Bills To Address Issues Of Fraud, Lead Abatement, Asset Forfeiture

March 9, 2017

Representative Matthew Lesser has sponsored various bills protecting consumers from fraud, civil asset forfeiture in criminal cases, and lead abatement.

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Requiring Salespeople To Disclose Conflict Of Interests For Teacher Retirement Plans

March 3, 2017

Rep. Matthew Lesser has sponsored a bill that would require more disclosures on conflicts of interest by people who sell 403(b)-type retirement plans to educators.

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Family Medical Leave Is The Top Priority

February 22, 2017

Rep. Lesser says the family medical leave legislation he is sponsoring is the most important bill the General Assembly will consider this year. He talks about the bill in this video.

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$200,000 Grant For Middletown Brownfields

February 14, 2017

Rep. Matthew Lesser applauds an announcement that a $200,000 grant is being awarded for investigating for purposes of remediation 26.4 acres of brownfields across multiple parcels on Newfield Street and Mile Lane in Middletown.

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