Family Medical Leave Is The Top Priority

February 22, 2017

Rep. Lesser says the family medical leave legislation he is sponsoring is the most important bill the General Assembly will consider this year. He talks about the bill in this video.

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$200,000 Grant For Middletown Brownfields

February 14, 2017

Rep. Matthew Lesser applauds an announcement that a $200,000 grant is being awarded for investigating for purposes of remediation 26.4 acres of brownfields across multiple parcels on Newfield Street and Mile Lane in Middletown.

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Protecting Health Of Student Athletes

February 7, 2017

Legislation introduced by Representatives Matthew Lesser and Pat Dillon of New Haven would create an athletic protection commission to monitor and enforce the safety for all NCAA athletes in the state. Advocates say this legislation is needed to protect the health and safety of college athletes. For more on the issue, read this CBS news story.

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House Vote On CT Pension Agreement

February 1, 2017

I voted for the agreement to restructure the state’s long-term pension payment obligations because it will give us more predictability for balancing the state budget and meeting our long-term obligations to Connecticut’s workers in the coming years. -- Matt

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