High School Grad Requirements Bill Passed

May 30, 2017

Representative Andy Fleischmann leads the House in unanimously approving legislation that revises state requirements for graduating from high school, ensuring that students graduate from high school with the rigorous education they’ll need to succeed.

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Keeping Dark Money Out Of Elections

May 26, 2017

Representative Andy Fleischmann applauded the House passage of a bill he championed that will reduce the role of special interest “dark money” in state election campaigns.

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Bill Enhances School District Turnarounds

May 24, 2017

Representative Andy Fleischmann, House chairman of the Education Committee, leads the House in overwhelmingly approving a bill to enhance training for boards of education of under-performing school districts that are implementing improvement plans.

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Defending Citizens Election Program

May 9, 2017

Representative Andy Fleischmann speaks out in defense of the Citizens Election Program, telling a press conference that big money would once again take over Connecticut election campaigns, if the program were ended. Read this News Junkie article.

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