2018 Progressive Policies Survey

Make your voice heard! Progressive legislators want to hear about your priorities for this legislative session and beyond. Please fill out every box from 5 (high priority) to 1 (opposed to proposal). If you have other ideas, let us know in the box at the end.

Below are some of our ideas. We want to know which are most important to you for us to focus on this coming year. We will share the results with leadership to help develop a progressive agenda. Please take 2 minutes to complete this survey and feel free to forward the survey to your friends so we can hear from them too. Thanks for participating!

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1. $15 minimum wage
Our economy doesn’t work if it doesn’t work for everybody. Raising our minimum wage to $15/hour will allow workers to provide for their families without having to rely on state assistance - essentially a tax break for corporations.
$15 Minimum Wage
2. Earned FMLA
At some point in our working lives, everyone in Connecticut will have to take time off to recover from an illness, take care of a sick family member, or welcome a new baby. Paid Family and Medical Leave acts like an insurance policy so we don’t lose our jobs when we take care of those who mean the most.
Earned FMLA
3. Pay equity
Ensuring equal pay for equal work
Pay Equity
4. Legalization of marijuana
Legalizing and taxing the sale of marijuana will create a more fair criminal justice system as well as bring much needed revenue to the state
Legalization of marijuana
5. Tax Fairness
Currently, middle class and working class families pay a higher percentage of their income in state and local taxes than those people making more than $500k a year. We need a fairer tax system that takes the burden off the middle class
Tax Fairness
6. Medicaid for All
Creating a single payer health care system at the state level
Medicaid for All
7. Protecting & expanding Citizen’s Election Program
Our state’s public campaign finance system helps level the playing field by keeping special interest money out of our elections
Protecting & expanding Citizen’s Election Program
8. Defending our Community College system and providing free 2-year college to all CT residents
Similar policies have been adopted in competing states, like Rhode Island and New York
Defending our Community College system and providing free 2-year college to all CT residents
9. Protecting collective bargaining rights
With an unfriendly Trump administration doing everything they can to strip rights from workers, Connecticut must protect workers from exploitation by protecting their right to organize and collectively bargain
Protecting collective bargaining rights
10. Police trust & legitimacy
Implementing policies that foster police trust and legitimacy such as required body cameras and transparent and timely investigations when deadly force is used
Police Accountability
11. 100% renewable energy
Connecticut can act as a leader against climate change with renewable energy and clean transportation policies right here at home
100% renewable energy
12. Defending dreamers
The American Dream has become out of reach for so many who have escaped violence or suffering for the promise of a better life, or who journeyed to America with their parents. Connecticut must defend DREAMers against the dangerous realities of the Trump administration.
Defending dreamers
13. Increased oversight and accountability for sexual harassment in the workplace
We need a long overdue overhaul of our sexual harassment policies in the workplace
Increased oversight and accountability for sexual harassment in the workplace
14. Tolls
Implementing electronic tolls to capture out of state money and provide funds for much needed infrastructure
15. Reproductive rights and women’s healthcare
Ensuring the Government does not have a say in the choices women make concerning their health
Reproductive rights and women’s healthcare
16. Net Neutrality
Creative ideas for new laws in Connecticut can protect an internet with content accessible for everyone, not just the highest bidder. Corporate schemes cannot be allowed to create a “fast lane” online for those who are able to pay.
Net Neutrality
17. Public broadband
Investing in our cities and municipalities by incentivizing them to consider a public broadband system with faster internet speeds and equal access
Public broadband
18. Universal Child Care
Providing childcare for working families
Universal Child Care
19. National Popular Vote
Adding Connecticut to the Nationwide compact with the goal of electing our President through a National popular vote
Universal Child Care
20. Permanent ban on fracking waste
Keeping fracking waste out of Connecticut for good
Permanent ban on fracking waste
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