Terry Adams has lived in the City of Stamford for 39 years and is a property owner. He has been employed with Pitney Bowes for over 36 years. He served on the Stamford Board of Representatives for ten years. Terry is an experienced community leader with the courage and ability to fully serve the needs of District 146.

Terry has become known for his commitment to social issues (affordable housing, homeownership, and historic preservation), advancement of the public interests (tax relief, transportation, jobs, and education), dedication to his constituents (making sure the developers and residents work together transforming the District 3 community), determination to keep the streets safe (keeping open communication between the residents and the Stamford Police Department, work with the city & state for pedestrian friendly thoroughfares ) and fair-minded leadership (always trying to bring people to get a common consensus that will accommodate everyone).

Terry has served on many committees and boards:

  • The Democratic City Committee
  • Public Safety
  • Appointment Committee
  • Transportation
  • Operation
  • Stamford South End Neighborhood Revitalization Board & President

Terry graduated from Bowman High School in Bowman South Carolina and later attended Norwalk Technical College. With an interest in small business Terry attended The Small Business Academy.

Contact Terry Adams

At the Capitol:
Legislative Office Building, Room 5006
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
(860) 240-8500 | 1-800-842-1902

At the Capitol:
15 Lipton Place
Stamford, CT 06902